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PLEASE read the entire ad! It's always easy to tell who doesn't!

I am located in Great Bend, KS, I do ship, calls only. 620-786-4428

CALLS ONLY! 8 AM through 8 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. Due to scams and incomplete e-mails and texts, I ignore them and I don't even open them. If you text or e-mail, I won't see it and you won't get a response. I have given up trying to sort through incomplete, unanswerable e-mails and texts. 90% of the time, the e-mail or text is not complete with enough details for me to work with, so a phone call is really the only way to get all of the info I need from you about your particular vehicle and what you need, 620-786-4428

The reason it is so important to call me is so that I know exactly what your vehicle is and what you are trying to accomplish with your build. I need year, make, model, body style etc. I don't know what kind of 1965 Chevy you have unless you tell me, full size, Chevelle, Nova, Corvair, etc. or is it a truck, and which truck, they made around 100 different trucks each year in that era. Are you doing a full resto, rat rod, patina build? Every build is different, if you're painting your vehicle, color of a fender doesn't matter, but the patina guy may need a faded blue one to match his original finish. I don't know any of that info until you tell me. Every time I answer the phone it is a different build with different ideas. That's what makes the hobby unique, but that also means I need as much information as possible from you to try and help you with your build.

I can only answer one phone at a time. If I don't answer, I'm probably on the phone with someone else. Please leave a clear message with your number and I will call you back. I probably get 95% of people called back. I'm not perfect and a few calls do get lost in the shuffle from time to time, if I miss you, I apologize. Also, cell phone companies are obviously nowhere near perfect and I know there are voice mails that I do not get sometimes. If you don't hear back from me after a few days, go ahead and call me back. If you don't have voice mail, then I can't leave you a message when I try to call you back. If you call from work and don't leave enough info in your voice mail for me to navigate your work phone system, then I can't get a hold of you. If you don't leave a message, I just assume it was another robo-call wanting me to update Google or sell me a vehicle warranty! In other words, keep it simple and clear, the more you complicate things, the less time I have to deal with it. I am super easy to deal with, if you make yourself difficult to deal with or difficult get a hold of, there isn't anything I can do about it. Just tell me what you need and I'll see if I can help!

620-786-4428 - I always try and answer between 8 AM - 8 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME unless I'm on the phone with someone else, if you call after 8 PM CST at night, I assume you want to pay double! Lol! - Thanks for checking us out!

Whenever you see this post, I am updating with new inventory that is coming in. I will add a list of the new inventory and edit the last pictures on the post to show some of the new inventory, so when you see this ad pop up, it will have new inventory listed. In this ad, the first pics are random overall pictures, the rest are all new inventory. I have had so much stuff coming in lately, it was hard to squeeze most of it in the pics!

I update these ads on a 120-day cycle, starting in January each year. ESH - eastern shore is the first market on my schedule and it will always get the first updated ad. This updated ad will post around the first day of every fourth month. These are paid ads and I advertise in most Craigslist markets in the U.S. each quarter. As always, Please, read the entire ad and you need to CALL me with questions. 620-786-4428 Thanks!

I am located in Great Bend, KS. I am not open regular business hours. I am open by appointment only. I ship 99% of what I sell, so there is no reason to be open regular hours. If you want to pick something up or look at a car, just call me to set something up! My gates are always locked, even when I'm at the yard, so if you show up without an appointment, don't expect me to be around.

I have approximately to 2,000 cars and trucks on 20 acres in stock right now for parts and projects with new inventory coming in almost every week. WE DO SHIP 2-3 TIMES A WEEK! We Specialize in American cars and the majority of our inventory is 40's-80's, GM, Mopar, and Ford. I do go back as far as the 1920's a little and I do have some vehicles newer than the 80's in stock, but the bulk of it is 40's-80's. We have cars, pickups, and trucks in stock for parts and projects. We have 6 buildings and 5 semi trailers full of parts. I also have project cars and sometimes nice restored and original vehicles as well. There are around 100 cabs and dozens of pickup beds that are already off of trucks and lined up on pallets ready to go. New inventory coming in almost weekly. I am a licensed Kansas dealer and I can sell parts or complete cars.

Check out our YouTube channel under "Nobody's Show"! Please "Subscribe" and be sure to click the "Notifications" button. All new inventory is posted to YouTube first after it comes in. This keeps everyone up to date about what vehicles are coming in and you get to check them out as I bring them in. Some vehicles and parts are starting to sell as soon as they hit YouTube, so that is your best bet to keep up with what is coming in and get first shot at it. I also cover old signs, gas pumps, toys, shops, car events etc., anything that is cool and gearhead related may pop up on here. I also do a Live! Chat on Sunday nights as well as a Live! on Tuesday nights for toys and memorabilia. Sunday Night includes current topics in the car world, emblems and a promo model, we check out an old original car magazine, and we even have a monthly raffle and a LIVE memorabilia auction every week!!!!!

"Like" us on Facebook under "Nobody Else's Auto". Pictures of new inventory goes on this page after the video is posted to YouTube, so be sure to "Like" the page to keep up with new inventory as it comes in!!!!!

I am also on E-bay. My user ID is nobodyelsesauto All of my prices on E-bay are marked up to cover e-bay fees. If you see something that I have listed on e-bay that you are interested in, you can always call me and I can usually do a little better on price.

New Arrivals! A lot of these are parts cars, but some of them could still be saved. If I think they would be a good project, they have been added to the project car list below.

New Arrivals: ***** I do have videos on YouTube of most of these new arrivals, if it's not up on YouTube, it will be soon! - Be sure to check them out on the "Nobody's Show" Channel! ******
1938 Dodge coupe, 1940 Ford 2 door sedan, 1951 Willys M38A Jeep, 1946 Ford COE Cabover, 1953 Chevy 210 coupe, 1954 Chevy 3100 pickup truck, 1958 Chevy Impala hardtop, 1964-1965 Chevelle/El Camino Front Clips, <2> 1965 Chevy Impala 4 dr ht, 1966 Impala SS hardtop, 1969 Triumph Spitfire, 1975 Chevy Nova, 1975 Ford F-350 SuperCab, 1988 Chevy S-10

The following list are vehicles currently in stock that would make good projects. The vehicles marked YT means there is a full walk around YouTube video on the "Nobody's Show" Channel that you can take a look at. 1929 Ford Model A Briggs body 4 dr.(YT), 1941 Chevy Truck(YT), 1942 Chevy 2dr sedan, 1946 Ford COE Cabover(YT), 1946 Hudson Coupe(YT), , 1949 Plymouth coupe, 1950 Studebaker Champion Convertible(YT), 1950 Chevy pickup, 1951 IHC L-110 shortbed pickup truck(YT), 1952 GMC Truck(YT), 1953 Ford F-2 Pickup, 1954 Chevy 3100 pickup truck, 1954 Ford F-350(YT), 1956 Pontiac 2dr post, 1958 Impala hardtop-complete but disassembled-no rust(YT), 1960 Ford Thunderbird hardtop, 1961 Chevy C-10 Apache Short bed stepside(YT), 1962 Chevy Impala 2 dr ht.(YT), 1963 Chevy C-20 truck (YT), 1964 Dodge Pickup 1/2 ton shortbed, 1965 Chrysler Newport 2dr ht buckets, console, 383 (YT), 1965 Chevy Impala 4 dr ht(YT), 1966 Impala SS hardtop(YT), 1966 Ford Mustang coupe(YT), 1966 Chevy Caprice 4 dr. ht.,(YT) 1966 Ford Econoline, 1967 IHC TravelAll(YT), 1969 Ford Super Duty/Big Job(good truck, custom aluminum bed, (YT), 1968 Chevy El Camino(YT), 1968 Dodge 1/2 ton shortbed pickup V-8 auto (YT), 1969 Ford F-100 Ranger Pickup truck(YT), 1970 Chevy C10 Pickup Truck(YT), 1971 Ford Mustang Coupe(YT), 1971 Chevy El Camino (YT), 1971 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door hardtop, 1971 IHC 1100 4X4(YT), 1972 Ford F-100 Pickup truck(YT), 1974 Dodge 200 4X4 Sno-Fiter Pickup truck(YT), 1977 Chevy Camaro(YT), 1978 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck(YT), 1978 Ford F-150 SuperCab Shortbed(YT), 1978 AMC Pacer(YT), 1980 Camaro Berlinetta(YT), 1983 Buick Regal, 1989 Dodge Ramcharger(YT), (YT) 1992 Camaro RS(YT)

1980's-90's era TEXACO letters off of a station, Two different styles of round Texaco buttons also 80's-90's era, <3>outside sunvisors, Chevy FACTORY A/C, in dash, 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64, 1938-52 Ford tailgate for the larger series with the big bed, 1937-40 & 1941-49 IHC Truck Windshield Frames, 1941 Willys fiberglass front end-good quality, 1949 Lincoln grill, NOS 1942-47 Ford truck fender, NOS Chevy 1 1/2 ton truck front fenders, 1948-53 Pair, 1955-56 Right, 1955-56 Chevy Car Dash, 1955-56 Chrysler Horn Ring, 1957 Buick Special/Century rear bumper, 1957 Buick Grill, 1958-59 Chevy Pickup Truck repairable original front fenders, 1959-60 Chevy Dash, 1960 Chevy Impala hood, 1961 Oldsmobile convertible windshield frame, 1965 Chevelle hood, 1966 Chevy Bel Air Station Wagon tail gate, 1965-68 era Chevy Pontiac full size wagon roof rack, 1973 Chevelle Laguna nose, 1965 Ford Fairlane Buckets, console, and shifter, 1965 Fairlane station wagon tailgate, 1959 Ford pickup truck chrome grill, 1964 Nova Station Wagon Roof Rack, 1968-72 Chevy Nova 2 door doors, 1969 Chevelle L front fender, 1971 Chevy Impala 2dr vented trunk lid, 1968-1969 Mopar B Body convertible windshield frame, GM A body Bucket Seats, 1968, 1969-72, 1973-77 GM Swivel Bucket seats, 1973-75 Hurst Cutlass hood, 1976 Olds Cutlass buckets-console-floor shifter-tilt, 1969 Cutlass trunk lid, 1970-2 Lemans/GTO Doors, 1967 Ford pickup tailgate(removed and put in dry storage in 1975!) 1973 Buick Consolette, 1973 Monte Carlo Bumpers, 1977 Lincoln Versaille header panel, 1978 Dodge Magnum center console, 1978-79 & 1980-81 Malibu header panel, 1982-83 Buick Regal header panel, 1987-88 Chevy Monte Carlo Luxury Sport header panel, G Body GM Station Wagon Roof Rack, Ford Pickup Truck tail gates -1966-72, 1973-79, 1980-86, 1987-96, 1987-91 Ford Bronco tail gate trim panel, 1993 Dodge Pickup Truck tailgate, <4> Gas Pumps, a Bowser, Tokheim, Gilbarco, and an Erie.

Texts and e-mails are usually scams or they are too incomplete to work with, so I ignore them. If you e-mail or text, don't expect an answer. So just give me a call and if I don't answer, leave me a message and I'll get back with you! 620-786-4428 or 620-793-3557 Thanks for looking!!!!!!*

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    UPDATE! Parts & Project Cars & Trucks, 1920's-1980's 2,000 Cars - auto parts - by dealer - vehicle automotive car... (2024)


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