List of Cars Characters, Ranked (2024)

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    Cars, Cars 2, Mater and the Ghostlight

    As a small blue forklift, this character works tirelessly at Luigi's Casa Della Tires, assisting with repairs and installations. His limited English skills result in humorous misunderstandings and adorable catchphrases, endearing him to audiences. Despite his diminutive size and modest beginnings, he proves himself an indispensable part of Lightning McQueen's pit crew.

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    Cars 2, Mater and the Ghostlight

    Luigi is the spirited and enthusiastic Italian Fiat 500 who runs the local tire shop in Radiator Springs in the Cars franchise. Voiced with vibrant passion by Tony Shalhoub, Luigi's character is infused with a deep love for all things automotive, particularly Ferraris, and a charmingly effusive personality that adds a touch of European flair to the small American town.

    Fans adore Luigi for his boundless energy and infectious excitement, which especially shines through whenever he encounters a racing celebrity. His unwavering support for his friends and his tireless devotion to his work make him a fan favorite. Luigi's dynamic with his assistant and best friend Guido adds comedic elements to the narrative, while his optimistic outlook and heartfelt reactions provide some of the Cars films' most endearing moments.

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    Cars 2, Mater and the Ghostlight, Cars

    Mater, the lovable tow truck from the town of Radiator Springs, is a standout character from Pixar's Cars franchise. Voiced by comedian Larry the Cable Guy, Mater's character adds a heartwarming blend of humor and Southern charm to the films. His rusty exterior belies a golden-hearted personality, as he serves as both a loyal companion to Lightning McQueen and the franchise's source of comic relief.

    Fans cherish Mater for his undeniable authenticity and unpretentious wisdom. His easygoing nature, coupled with a knack for stumbling into outlandish situations, often provides moments of light-heartedness that resonate with audiences of all ages. Mater's ability to embrace his imperfections endears him to viewers, making him a fan-favorite character celebrated for showcasing the value of true friendship and the beauty of being oneself.

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    Doc Hudson

    Cars, Mater and the Ghostlight

    Doc Hudson, affectionately known as "The Fabulous Hudson Hornet," is a pivotal character in Cars. He's a grizzled and wise former race car who serves as Radiator Springs' judge and doctor, voiced by the late Paul Newman in a performance that exudes depth and gravitas. Initially a curmudgeon, Doc becomes mentor to Lightning McQueen, imparting lessons from his own storied but tumultuous racing past.

    Fans hold Doc Hudson dear for his transformation from a solitary figure shrouded in mystery to a cherished mentor with invaluable life lessons. His legendary racing background coupled with his initial resistance to McQueen's charm—and eventual warm guidance—cement his status as a fan favorite. Doc's story inspires a sense of respect and nostalgia for the glory days of racing, making him an unforgettable and beloved character within the Cars narrative.

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    Lightning McQueen

    Mater and the Ghostlight, Cars 2, Cars

    Lightning McQueen is the high-octane race car and central protagonist of Pixar's Cars series, voiced by the talented Owen Wilson. McQueen starts as an arrogant and ambitious rookie racer but evolves throughout the franchise into a more humble and team-oriented champion. His journey of self-discovery and personal growth unfolds on the racetracks and in the small, tight-knit community of Radiator Springs, reflecting the experiences and challenges real people face.

    Lightning McQueen races into the hearts of fans as a favored character because of his relatable transformation and charismatic personality. His catchphrase "Kachow!" and his slick, red racing livery have become synonymous with the Cars franchise, capturing the spirit of competition and the importance of personal connections. McQueen's dynamic persona, thrilling races, and meaningful relationships make him a timeless favorite in the realm of animated characters.

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    Strip 'The King' Weathers


    Strip "The King" Weathers, portrayed in Cars as a seasoned and respected race car, is an esteemed champion on the verge of retirement. He's voiced by none other than real-life racing legend Richard Petty, whose voice imbues the character with authenticity and a dignified aura. The King, a 1970 Plymouth Superbird, represents the old guard of racing, bringing a strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play to the track.

    The King endears himself to fans with his gracious behavior and racing prowess, which stands in contrast to the cutthroat competitiveness often seen in the sport. His down-to-earth nature and mentor-like presence provide a strong moral compass within the Cars universe, resonating with viewers young and old who admire his humility and achievements. Strip Weathers' legacy in the Cars franchise goes beyond the races, reflecting the qualities of a true champion and making him a timeless fan favorite.

  • List of Cars Characters, Ranked (2024)


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