Community Survival Guide (2024)

This guide is intended for new players or permafreshies.

This is a guide on how to increase your chances of survival. This will also show you the basics of the game.

Rogue is, at heart, a PVP Fighting game, and as such the worlds of rogue lineage are filled with hostility and toxicity. If you plan to play through rogue solo, then you will struggle and claw your way through this game for hours and hours, only to have it taken all taken away many, many times. This game is rough, and as such there are many ways to go about progression, but with no tutorial that can be kinda tricky. Rogue is overwhelming as a new player, things are confusing and there's no real direction... but trust me, despite how daunting the game may seem there's still so many hidden mechanics, interesting secrets, and amazing, memorable experiences to be had. This guide is here to help you gain your bearings as well as understand the basics of progression. It won't be easy, getting the hang of things, but regardless... good luck. You're gonna need it.

Survival Guide 2.0 Here.


  • 1 Controls
    • 1.1 Basic Controls
    • 1.2 Other Controls
    • 1.3 Mana Controls
  • 2 Race
  • 3 Rollable Races
    • 3.1 Haseldan
      • 3.1.1 Abilities
    • 3.2 Rigan
      • 3.2.1 Abilities
    • 3.3 Ashiin
      • 3.3.1 Abilities
    • 3.4 Castellan
      • 3.4.1 Abilities
    • 3.5 Gaian
      • 3.5.1 Abilities
    • 3.6 Kasparan
      • 3.6.1 Forms
      • 3.6.2 Abilities
    • 3.7 Navaran
      • 3.7.1 Abilities
    • 3.8 Scrooms
      • 3.8.1 Abilities
    • 3.9 Madrasian
      • 3.9.1 Abilities
    • 3.10 Dinakeri
      • 3.10.1 Abilities
    • 3.11 Morvid
      • 3.11.1 Abilities
    • 3.12 Dzin
      • 3.12.1 Abilities
    • 3.13 Fischeran
      • 3.13.1 Abilities
    • 3.14 Vind
      • 3.14.1 Abilities
  • 4 Players
  • 5 Silver
  • 6 Mana
  • 7 Health
  • 8 Allies
  • 9 Chaotic vs Orderly
  • 10 Combat Tips
  • 11 Perseverance
  • 12 Pro Tip


This is a list of the controls. When you load up the game, there will be a Controls Menu that you can also refer to. After learning these controls, you will understand the keybinds of this game.

Note: Using Shift-lock is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and alternate Controls mentioned below are for using Shift-lock

Basic Controls[]

Standard [W] [A] [S] [D] Keys to move and [SPACE] to jump.

Press [E] to Interact/Open doorsPress [Left Mouse] to Attack.

Press [R]/[Right Mouse] to use Heavy Attack.

Double Press and Hold [W] to Run.

Press [Q] to Roll / Dash.

Hold [F] to Block.

Other Controls[]

Press [V] to carry a KO'd player.

Press [B] to Execute a KO'd player (Lethal).

Press [N] to Injure a KO'd player (Type of injury depends on the type of weapon used).

Press [P] to Force a KO'd player to drink a Potion (Lethal or Non-Lethal).

Mana Controls[]

Hold [G] to charge Mana.

When mana is charged you can press [W-W] to Mana Run. You unlock this ability at day 1 (edit here, i think you can unlock it at day 0 now.).

Double press [SPACE] to Mana Climb when next to a wall. Also, press [Space] if you're falling down a wall to slow yourself. You unlock this ability at day 1 (edit here, i think you can unlock it at day 0 now).

When you charge your mana and dash with it [Q] you perform Mana Dash. You unlock this ability at day 2 (Not sure but might be able to unlock this one at day 1).

Using LMB while mana is charged will perform a Mana Punch. This is like a normal punch, except it is faster and deals slightly more damage than a regular punch.


Once you have spawned in the game, yourracewill be chosen automatically. Some races are better than others and some races hit certain play-styles.

You can Abandon Lineage for 200R$ when you lose your last life or if you become Cameo (and lose your last life, because this race doesn't follow through into your heir) your race will be randomized automatically.

Rollable Races[]

Each Race has a different percentage chance to Roll when you get your Race. This list will show each (Rollable) Race in order of Probability and each Skill that race has. The percentages change every-time you do a re-roll.

Please read this list, so that you know what you are going against. If someone looks "not-fresh" assume they may have Day unlocks.


Haseldans - Have light yellow skin and dark brown hair.


  • Last Stand - Starting Ability - Automatic
    • This is a skill that activates automatically when their Health reaches below 20%. Damage and Defense are both increased by 1.5x for 30-50 seconds. They also cannot be KO'd once sometimes when in berserk.
    • if one shot before going into 20% you will get back up in last stand mode this will also save you if on fire whilst knocked
    • it has a cooldown of (unknown time) before it can activate again
    • If this move activates while your knocked or rag-dolled you will be picked up instantly meaning that if you receive critical damage that would naturally result in a knock you would get up for a 2nd chance similar to Bloodline.
  • Ultra Class Obtained - Bloodline - User Activated
    • When activated, they restore 50 Health and gain 2x Damage and Defense. After a certain amount of time (anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute can be trained to last longer), the user will be KO'd.
      • Best used if you and an opponent are low and you are likely to lose. KO the opponent and either Grip or Injure and get to a hidden place if possible, as soon as possible or else you will be (most likely) also Gripped or Injured.
  • Day 1-5 - Willpower - Passive
    • Decrease the time needed to get get back up form a ko'ed state.


Rigans - Have grey skin or dark green skin, yellow eyes (Red if Vampire) and black or brown hair.


  • Energy Charge - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Gives Rigan 2x Mana Charging Speed.
  • Cold Mana - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Gives Rigan 1.25x Damage with Ice Spells.
  • Ultra Class Obtained - Mana Flood - User Activated
    • Max Mana for an amount of time. This runs in lineage, meaning that you only need to unlock it once.


Ashiins - Have red hair and tan/orange skin.


  • Mercenary Carry - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Allows you to Run and Dash while carrying a KO'd player.
  • Agility - Starting Ability - User Triggered*
    • Owning a Dagger will active Agility. This increases Movement Speed and Attack Speed. The buff is based on the Tier of the Dagger*.
  • Advanced Fist - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Changes your Fist attack Combo and increases Damage by 1.5x.
  • Day 15 - Shoulder Throw - Bought from Ethel*
    • Exclusive to Ashiin, after Day 15, an Ashiin can buy this Ability from Ethel on the Isle of Eth* for 25 Silver. Suplex a Character to the ground, dealing damage. Has a two-second cool down.


Castellans - Have light skin and blond hair.


  • Lineage Mage - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Has 1.25x Mana Charge. A 25% Bonus to Scholar Boon and able to gain 2 Snaps without Soul Master.
  • Magic Buff - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Deal 1.2x more Damage from ALL Spells.


Gaians - Have cosmetic robotic armor, a gray or light blue head, and a robot-ish face.


  • Robot Body - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Makes your base health 115 instead of 100.You can be upgraded for 200 Silver at the Engineer in Scroomville or Tavern. Then again for 300 Silver. The Second Upgrade gives you an infinite food bar with slower regen, before this, you have no regen
      • Notes: you can use spider clock this is the only way to get ri of your armor other then uber
      • Notes: When you upgrade your armor, the color it becomes is based off whether you were Chaotic or Orderly when you upgraded your armor.
  • Over Heat - Starting Ability - Passive
    • If you are in the Desert/Hot enough, your arms will have a sparkle effect. When you hit someone with Fists they will heat up. This can set people on fire if hit enough. Also adds a flat +1 damage.
  • Repair - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • Allows a Gaian to Heal/Repair. The speed of Repair is based off your Days. You cannot attack during this animation. The heal is%-based.
      • Notes: You can Block during Repair.
      • Notes: You can Repair while carrying a KO'd player.
      • Notes: You can charge Mana during Repair.
      • Notes: Repair is VERY loud. People can hear this from a very long distance away. Be careful.
  • Oil for Blood - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Allows you to not become a Vampire or be Consumed by Vampires.
  • Robot Bones - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Your bones become harder to break. As a result you need to go to the Engineer to fix it (30 Silver) or drink a Bone Growth Potion.
  • Metal Body - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Take 25% less Damage from Weapons.
  • Iron Fist - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Take no Damage while Blocking, so allowing you to skip a skill from the Monk.
  • Lightning - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Do 1.5x Damage with Lighting Spells.
  • Poison immunity- Starting Ability - Passive
    • Immune to all forms of poison.


Kasparans - Have many different "forms".

They also have Special Names, mostly ending with "R".


  • Purple Skin, Bald, White Horns, and Lizard Eyes.
  • Brown Skin, Bald, White Horns, and Green Lizard Eyes.
  • Green Skin, Bald, Brown Horns, Yellow Lizard Eyes.
  • White Skin, Bald, Pink Horns, and Red Lizard Eyes. (Rare)


  • Dragon Rebirth - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Born with 4 Lives.
  • Dragon Speech - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Born with Dragon Speech. Become a Dragon Sage without learning Dragon Speech. Dragons will also not attack you unless you attack them.
  • Dragon Breath - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Deal 1.25x Damage with Fire Spells and Respirare*.
  • Day 15 - Respirare* - User Triggered
    • Charging Mana and using this (like a Spell), will cause an effect like Ignis. Cannot be blocked by Iannis ~~and can't give Mana (like a Curse)~~False, I tested this out and it gave me mana. Also, it can activate Mana Shield, so you can charge Mana and use it even if you're not Tomeless.
  • Day 15 - Dragon Scale - Passive
    • 50% Reduction against Fire Damage
  • Day 15 - Hardened Scale - Passive
    • 25% Reduction against Weapon Damage


Navaran - Have no hair and has green-blueish/ white/ tan skin. They also have faces that look lifeless. They also have names ranging from eleven to twenty.

  • Ascended Navarans have names ranging from one to ten.


  • Emulate - Starting ability/Ultra Class Obtained - User activated
    • Using this, they can copy the most recently used skill from a player. You can only copy skills that belong to super classes or below. Also, some skills cannot be emulated.
    • After Day 10, they can emulate skills belonging to an ultra class.
    • You can emulate physical things such as helmets if the user took off/on the helmet
  • Devour - Starting ability - Passive
    • When gripping a player with no weapon, a special animation will play and will refill your hunger bar by 50%. (gripping somebody with a weapon still gives this effect.)


Scrooms - Have blue, brown, red, or green heads and have a white body. Has no face.

All Scroom names begin with Fung except Pinky.


  • Poison Blood - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Vampires get Poisoned if they feed off a Scroom. Also, they are immune to poison and they can not become Vampires.
  • Decompose - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • Dig into Grass to gain food and regen health. The healing effect is increased slightly at night. This can also be used for hiding from enemies by running to a nearby bush and decomposing in it. You can do this to hide, ambush and possibly alot more.(the effect is boosted in decaying isle)
  • No Cannibalism - Starting "Ability" - Passive
    • Scrooms cannot eat Cooked Scrooms. Burning/Dying in fire will drop a Cooked Scroom. Also, they cannot take in any form of food. (They can still drink potions)
  • Exo-Skeleton - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Scrooms cannot break their legs or ribs. However, they can still break their arms.
  • Ultra Class Obtained - Detoxify - User Triggered/Passive
    • While decomposing, they can trigger it and releases a poison cloud. knocks back anyone affected by it.
  • Day 3, 5, 10 - Decompose Everywhere - User Triggered/Passive
    • Day 3 - Decompose in Sand and fabric. Day 5 - Decompose in wood. Day 10- Decompose in stone.
  • Scroom speech - Starting ability - Passive
    • Able to talk to npcs in scroomville without learning Scroom speech.


Madrasians - Have grey hair, pale skin and light eyes.


  • Shift - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • Change your looks into anyone.
      • Note: Helmet, weapon, and hats will not transfer.
  • Ultra Class Obtained - Trinket Shift - User Triggered
    • Allows you to turn into a trinket or an artifact.
      • Note: You cannot be picked up when shifted as a trinket or an artifact


Dinakeri - have Dark Black-Blue Skin, Green Eyes, and White Hair.


  • Soul Rip - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • Use on a KO'd player. This will kill them and give you a Rune Mark. Gives more 3x more Chaotic than Gripping (6 chaotic).(Max amount of runes that you can have is 18)
  • Berserk Mode - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • Pressing the right mouse button with Soul Rip will use a Rune Mark and enable Berserk Mode. For 25 seconds, you gain Infinite Mana. You gain more health, faster Mana Climbing, faster movements, and higher Damage. Cooldown is 15-30 seconds.
      • Note: Berserk Mode Buffs stack with Wraith Knight.
  • Runecast - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • If you have a spell, clicking WITHOUT any mana will runecast it. Runecasting fills up your mana bar to about 90%, and casts the spell without fail. This is useful for Hard-to-cast-spells such as Mori(unobtainable anymore) or Gate
  • Super Class Obtained - Soul Ripper - Passive/User Triggered
    • Soul Rip is faster (3 Seconds).


Morvid-Have Dark Blue skin, and have 4 red eyes and a beak. However, they can change into a more human-like form if they grip morvids (10 times for 2nd form, 20 times in total for 3rd form)


  • Feather Falling - Starting ability - Passive
    • Reduced damage when falling from high distances.
  • Mana lineage - Starting ability - Passive
    • Spawn with Mana.
  • Cannibalism - Starting ability - Passive
    • Gripping other Morvids will give food.
  • Flock - Unlocked in 3rd form - Activated
    • Turns the user into a flock of birds and increases speed greatly and grants immunity to damage from players and fall damage for 3 seconds.


Dzins - have Red Skin and Red-Black Hair. A rare variant has Blue Skin and Blue-Black Hair.


  • World's Pulse - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • See all nearby Players and NPCs. You WILL go blind if you overuse it. Becoming blind will increase the range of World's Pulse. You can get your sight back but there are stages that you can't get past.
  • Iron Mind - Starting ability - Passive
    • Immune to traumas (bypassed by master illusionist quest and combat logging,nope you don't get traumas when combat logging)
  • Ultra Class Obtained - Awakening - User Triggered
    • When used a 3rd eye will open up on your forehead. You can dodge up to 10 attacks with this. How many attacks are based on how many days AFTER Day 20 you survive, 1 Attack per day. Max is 30 days.
      • Note: You can't dodge backfires while gripping or dodge fall damage.


Fischerans - have Icy Blue Hair, Blue Skin and Icy Blue Eyes.


  • Sky's Temperature - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Hitting or being hit by a Fischeran with wind shield active will give you Cold Temperature. Possibly could kill you from being Cold.
  • Wind Shield - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Can absorb 4 attacks with reduced stun, making it easier to escape combos. It will make a loud sound when triggered, however. (30 second cooldown)
  • Sky's Sailors - Starting Ability - Passive
    • 1.5x Damage with all Wind spells
  • Ultra Class Obtained - Unlocked at Day 15 - passive
    • Using this, You will do a backflip and dissolve into a puddle. You are immune to all damage and has no cooldown (lasts for 30 seconds)


Vinds - have Light Purple Skin and Grey Hair. Vinds cannot get Scars.


  • Birthed from the Plane of Wind - Starting Ability - Passive
    • All Wind Spells have 1.5x Damage.
  • Legacy of Peace - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Spawn with extra Orderly Karma and cannot go vampire.
  • Mana Lineage - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Spawn with Mana.
  • Tempest Soul - Starting Ability - User Triggered
    • Similar to Wind Shield but reflects Spells. Can also spawn Mana Shield, charge mana and block. Duration increases based on Days alive. Slight cooldown between triggers.
  • Faster Regen and Mana Charge - Starting Ability - Passive
    • Heal and charge mana 1.2x faster.


There are multiple types of players which play this game, here is my list of players:

FoF: Friend or Foe (Type this in an unsure encounter)

Ashiin - Orange skinned, red haired race that gets upgraded fist combat on spawn. Be wary of them early on.

Aggressive -The majority of the community. They will attack you on sight(sometimes, agressive players will pretend to be friendly in order to get the first hit and easily aquire a grip), and attempt you grip/rot you.

Neutral -Does not attack unless provoked.

Shifter (AKA Madrasian) - Their ability allows them to copy the appearance of another player. It's uncommon, but that freshie might be an ultra in disguise.

Passive -Runs away or combat logs when in combat. Usually people who are solo progressing. (Easy Prey)

Freshspawn -A player who is new to the game, or a player who has not made much progress after spawning. (Easy Prey)

Friendly -Considered rare in the Rogue Lineage community, friendly types help people in the game. They are usually mid-game / late-game. Although remember to not trust everyone you see, roughly 95% of the community is aggressive. (and toxic)

Most players in the community are either aggressive, neutral, or freshspawns. Avoiding the aggressive types that are stronger than you is common sense. Sometimes, freshspawns attack you (assuming you're a freshspawn) because they don't know how to play the game much.

If you find a freshspawn, try to make friends with them. If the freshspawn is anAshiin, and you're not, then it's best to avoid them because if they are aggressive, you'll likely die, though an experienced player can usually deal with them.

If you are in Combat, which shows a yellow text warning, then don't leave right after the warning ends. Wait 5-10 seconds before leaving. It will still consider this a combat log and will deduct a life if you do leave instantly, and will give you insanity. (This was patched awhile back.) Being in 3rd person mode and enabling shift lock will increase your likelihoods of seeing someone behind you and around corners. If you are aDzin, use World's Pulse to see players around you. Don't use this for too long, as you can become blind. You can also train World's Pulse to see players in further ranges.


EarningSilveris very helpful in-game, as you can buy Food,Weaponry,Outfits, Class Skills and learn info from NPCs. You can earn silver by selling trinkets and Ingredients. You are also able to earn silver from being a Blacksmith, where you mine ores using a Pickaxe, smelt them, and make Bronze, Silver, and Mythril Swords, which you can either use and sell. The amount of Silver you have is located at the bottom-left corner of your screen. The amount of Silver you earn for each Trinket has increased, so it should be easier to obtain Silver now.

If you meet Tal, be careful. If you pay him, he will run off, but if you catch up to him and spam-click him (sometimes it glitches, be warned), you can learn "Pocket Sand" which will blind an enemy for about 2 seconds when used.

There is also a Vind version of Tal on the top of the gate, (This NPC does not trick or steal from you, paying him what he asks will have you teleported to skycastle.) located between Cardinal Crossing and Royal Woods, same as one of the three Fallion locations.


The ability to use Mana is very important for survival. Obtaining Mana can be done in 4 ways.

  1. Engaging in combat with other players (roughly 70 punches).
  2. Being struck by a Curse spell, such as Ignis or Tenebris.
  3. Becoming a Vampire.
  4. Being a Race that starts with Mana (only Vind, Morvid and Fischeran).

A good way to getting mana is to go to the zombie scroom pit and punching the mobs that spawn there, zombie scrooms.. Stand in one of the raised corners and punch them. After getting mana, leave the area by resetting your character via the roblox escape menu (resetting has a 3day cooldown while in game, or a 12 hour one while offline).

After gaining Mana, you may be thinking"What do I do with Mana?",or"What is the point of Mana?"

As soon as you unlock mana, you gain the ability to mana punch, these will disable mana charge on whoever you hit for 2 seconds as well as "training" your mana, allowing you to charge it faster and unlock certain abilities if you meet the day requirements.

Training your Mana will unlock abilities. Training it enough will eventually allow you to run and climb with mana. These do not have day requirements. However, Mana dash will unlock with enough training and day 1.

Refer toManato learn how to train your Mana.


Your Health is vital (get it?) to survival. Your Health will slowly regenerate

You can heal Health instantly with a Health Potion or a Tespian Elixir. Though keep in mind that tespians will only heal you if you are Orderly, otherwise you will be damaged slightly and gain orderly, up to a maximum of 10.

Here is a list of common ways that you can lose health/die.

  1. Falling off a high place - Unless you're good at Mana Climbing, don't try to climb high stuff. (Damages, Injures, can kill)
  2. Burning - Don't walk in fire, self-explanatory. You can put yourself out by rolling sideways or backward. (Damages, Injures, Kills)
  3. PvP - Other players are usually hostile, approach them with caution.
  4. Environmental hazards - Watch out for voids/death barriers and more specific things like poison pools and white flames.
  5. Temperature - If your temperature is too high, you will burn up, and if it is too low, you will die from the cold. Please see Health Bar for more info. (Can kill)(Unless you jump into fire, it is EXTREMELY RARE to actually die from the heat excluding spells such as ignis. However, ice is another case. Staying in low temperatures can KILL you.)
  6. Combat Logging - If you see "Danger!" at the top of your screen, DO NOT leave the game. You will die and in your next life, you will have Insanity.

You are able to heal your injuries at a Doctor, Physical Injuries or at a Therapist for Mental Injuries. If you are a Gaian, you will need to visit Scroomvilleor one of a few other specific locations and talk to the Engineer, though if you have a Bone Growth Potion, you can drink that (this only fixes broken bones.)


Having friends play with you can boost your chance of Survival. They can help by:

  1. Helping you in Combat.
  2. Teaching you how to play.
  3. Showing you places which you did not know existed and how to get there.
  4. Helping you go to places you can't reach (Tundra, Castle in the Sky or showing you Orderly Places).
  5. Helping you advance to different Classes (Sigil Knight, Spy, Dragon Sage, Etc.)

And many more reasons.

You are also able to join a House. Houses usually have a Discord server, so make sure to join that. If you have survived 20 days and have at least 1 super skill, then you are able to make a house. After making a House, you can use your Signet Ring to invite people to your House.

Chaotic vs Orderly[]

There are two factions, Chaotic and Orderly.

  • Chaotic are the "Bad People" (Villains) of Rogue Lineage. They grip people, (grip meaning kill).
    • You can become Chaotic by using the execute key on an unconscious body. You can also burn people to death. Throwing people in fire WILL NOT give you chaotic.
  • Orderly are the "Good People" (Heroes) that jail Chaotics and help NPCs & People.
    • You can become an Orderly by jailing Chaotics (also gives Silver) or drinking aTespian Elixir.Unfortunately, most orderly players that have maxed out their class will kill ruthlessly as there is no point in aligning with their ethics anymore. However, they do other methods of this sometimes such as giving you to a Chaotic friend of theirs or throwing you into inevitable death.
      • Note: Using a fire enchant and letting enemies burn to death will give more chaotic than gripping people only if you have orderly.

Some of them fight about which is better while some are a Chaotic and Orderly Duo.

Knowing which faction fits your playstyle and being in that faction will help you throughout the game.

Chaotic classes are usually better by fighting aggressively, while Orderly classes are usually based on fighting more defensively.

Combat Tips[]

Remember to stay vigilant and keep a watch out for those who try to kill you. This game has, at the very least, 50% of the player base being High Level/Skill Chaotics who don't care about you spending tons of time on the game. They hunt down Freshspawns, or Newbs and take advantage of their inability to understand the game. They mostly camp in Oresfall, and Royal Woods. They then wait for you to Respawn as a Freshie and Wipe you again.

Here are 2 ways of getting better at Combat.

  1. Dash -Knowing when to dash is essential because it will help you dodge attacks. Stay away from your enemy by dashing, and attack them while they're in a combo or just finished their combo or heavy attack. Dash Mastery is a Pit Fighter skill which allows you to attack while dashing, and increase your dash distance.
  2. Block -Blocking can reduce some of the damage you take in combat. If you are Gaian or have Iron body, you can block all M1 damage. It is possible to Dash while Blocking, so it is a good idea to combine these when the need arises. If you are blocking and someone heavy attacks you, you will be stunned.
    • Perfect Blocks are when you block a heavy attack right before they hit you. It stuns the enemy, giving you time to hit them.

3. Fight - In this game, you should try your hardest NOT to run, (unless you know you can outrun them, or you can cheese them into a trap up ahead) as a freshspawn, you're easy to catch up to. And spells such as Snap Ignis, Sagitta Sol, and others can easily slow you down so your attackers can try to cop the grip. And because you're only a freshspawn, learning to fight and survive should probably be your first priority. Other than that?


Remember that in this game, you will die over and over andoverandoverandoveragain. This game is difficult, as mentioned in the description section of the game's page. Each time you die, whether in combat or natural environments, you will gain knowledge of the game. Just keep playing, even after you die. Explore new areas, make friends & join a house, practice combat, and you will eventually realize that the game is unbalanced and the only way you can survive on your own is pure intuition.

Pro Tip[]

If you have no skills (from trainers) and are at 2 or 1 lives, and you plan on progressing, its best to wipe yourself so you dont start out at a disadvantage.

Don't go to ores, ok you're all set! GO GET EM- Champ!

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