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Average Likes

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Suspicious Followers@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (5)

Accounts with suspicious/irregular behaviour and metrics.


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Accounts with normal behaviour and metrics.

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Bikini Pro Athlete │Fitness Model│Hyrox Athlete

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (9)

Kimberley Edwards@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (10)5.0

Los Angeles, CA, US



Figure Skater, Pink Hair + Relatable Sports Conte…

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (11)

Valérie Gagné@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (12)5.0

Quebec, QC, CA



Adventurer And Outdoors Content Creator

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (13)

Nicole Marsh Mackenzie@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (14)5.0

Cowansville, QC, CA



Body Positive Fitness Content Creator

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@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (15) @av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (16) @av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (17) @av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (18) @av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (19)

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@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (27)

How many of the av7ssy's followers are fake?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (28)

av7ssy has 260 fake followers, meaning 2.30% of their total followers are bots or spam, and the remaining 11,023 (97.70%) of their followers are authentic.

How does av7ssy's fake follower percentage compare to similar accounts?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (29)

2.30% (260) of @av7ssy 11.3k followers are fake. av7ssy's fake follower percentage on TikTok is below average when compared to similar accounts.

What is a fake follower?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (30)

A fake follower is an account that lacks genuine engagement and interest in your content. Also known as bots or spam accounts, fake followers are often artificially created, either through automated processes or purchased, with the primary goal of inflating follower numbers and engagement. Utilizing a reliable fake follower checker helps unveil these deceptive accounts and ensures a more authentic and engaged follower base.

How do you spot a fake follower?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (31)

Spotting a fake follower involves observing an accounts engagement patterns, posts, followings and more. Use a dedicated fake follower checker tool that assesses metrics such as likes, comments, and post frequency. Signs of a fake follower include a low engagement rate, generic or low comments, and irregular activity. By employing an effective fake follower checker, you can accurately identify and remove these bot and spam accounts.

Fake followers typically have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Zero followers: They usually have no or very low followers.
  2. 0-10 posts: Fake followers will have zero or a very low number of posts, they will also have irregular posting activity.
  3. No profile picture: Fake followers typically don't use images in their profile pictures, if they do, it will be AI generated or stock images.
  4. Following a lot of accounts: While their following is zero or very low, a fake follower will usually follow a large number of other accounts. Usually above 1,000
  5. Random letters and numbers in username: You will typically notice that their username is a random selection of letters and/or numbers and looks spammy.

What are fake followers on TikTok?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (32)

Fake followers on TikTok are accounts that don't genuinely engage with your videos, lives or stories. These accounts are typically created through automated means and often exhibit suspicious behavior. Employing a platform-specific fake follower checker like Collabstr's is crucial for identifying and removing these accounts, ensuring a more authentic and active follower base for yourself or the influencer you are wanting to work with.

How do you check fake followers on TikTok?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (33)

To perform a check for fake followers on TikTok it requires the use of a fake follower checker tool. This tool meticulously analyzes each followers engagement metrics, including likes, comments, and posting habits, to identify and eliminate suspicious TikTok accounts. Doing this manually would take days or weeks depending on the following size of the TikTok account.

Why should I check for fake followers on my TikTok profile?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (34)

Checking for fake followers on your TikTok profile is crucial to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of your online presence. Fake followers can significantly distort your engagement rates, mislead collaborations, and dilute your overall social media performance. Identifying and understanding your fake follower breakdown allows you to make informed decisions and foster a genuine connection with your authentic audience. Plus, Collabstr's fake follower checker is free!

What percentage of TikTok followers are fake?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (35)

Studies suggest that the percentage of fake TikTok followers can range from 10% to 20% of an account's total followers. TikTok has an estimated 253 million fake accounts. With a total user base of around 1.7 billion, that means roughly 15% of accounts on TikTok are bots or spam. Keep in mind that every account is different. Profiles with a large number of followers typically have a higher percentage compared to smaller profiles. Fake followers above 25% is usually a sign of fraud.

Should I work with influencers who have fake followers?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (36)

It is discouraged to collaborate with influencers who have a high percentage of fake followers. Opting for influencers with a genuine and engaged following enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns and safeguards your brand's reputation. Keep in mind, all influencers have some amount of fake followers, so you must focus on the number of real followers in your target audience. An account with 100,000 followers that has 20% fake followers, also has 80% real followers. Meaning 80,000 of them could be your target demographics (city, age, gender) and have good engagement rates.

What is an TikTok audit?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (37)

An TikTok audit is a comprehensive analysis of an TikTok account's health and performance, often incorporating tools like an TikTok fake follower checker. An TikTok audit assesses follower authenticity, engagement rates, content strategy and 30+ more factors.

Who has the most fake followers on TikTok?

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (38)

Celebrities have the highest percentage of fake followers on TikTok. As they are typically the ones with the highest amount of followers. Khaby Lame, Charli D'Amelio, MrBeast, Addison Rae, and Bella Poarch all top the list with over 26 percent of their followers estimated to be bots.

  1. Khaby Lame: 28.72% Fake followers
  2. Charli D'Amelio: 26.97% Fake followers
  3. MrBeast: 26.97% Fake followers
  4. Addison Rae: 26.18% Fake followers
  5. Bella Poarch: 26.17% Fake followers


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@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (39)

@av7ssy TikTok Fake Follower Check (2024)


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