14 Rogue Lineage Races Explained With Their Rarities - Game Specifications (2024)

Roblox has thousands of games with a unique anime-styled combat system. Rogue Lineage is among one of these games which features many classes, and races along with the playable character with different skills. Each of these skillsets relies on movement, strength, and dexterity.

Rogue Lineage Races are the different classifications onto the characters which distinguish them. Moreover, each race has its own set of buffs which makes them unique. Some races provide extra strength, some provide extra movement while some provide extra mana. Each of these races has a different rarity, hence there are certain races that are definitely better than one another.

In this post, we’ll go through all the races in Rogue Lineage.

What Are Rogue Lineage Races?

Races are the classifications for your characters in Rogue Lineage. Every Race has its own perks and appearances. These ability boosts are extremely important in enhancing your powers during battles.

The opportunity and chances of attending each race are dependent on joining the game. Therefore, the percentage may differ depending upon your race, and note you cannot apply over the same race twice in a flow.

All Rollable Rogue Lineage Races

Rogue Lineage RaceRarity Percent

1. Haseldan

14 Rogue Lineage Races Explained With Their Rarities - Game Specifications (1)

Rarity – 19.00%

Haseldan carries yellow-colored skin along with dark brown hair and brown eyes. When its health is reduced below twenty to twenty-five percentage, the last stand will get activated. Also, the damage rate will increase and the defense power by 2x for around forty seconds of the game and has a cool down for 2 minutes.

2. Rigan

Rarity – 16.20%

The Rigans are the humanoid-inspired Rogue Lineage Race that carries a natural affinity along with mana. The appearance is greenish-gray in color or ash-colored skin with yellow eyes and dark brown hairs. In the Mana affinity, they will receive a 2x mana charge, which makes them very fast with the help of Mana Run. Second, it is Ice Affinity. It consists of 1.25x more damage along with ice spells.

3. Ashiin

14 Rogue Lineage Races Explained With Their Rarities - Game Specifications (2)

Rarity – 14.30%

Ashiin consists of an appearance of tan skin along with red-colored hairs. On the 15-day shoulder throw, you will learn this skill from Ethel for the amount of twenty-five silver. Shoulder Throw is a minimal hit back and moves with the help of blocks. The targets that are struck by the Shoulder Throw are stunned, and it says that you can continue combining.

4. Castellan

Rarity – 13.30%

Castellan is inspired by the humanoid Rogue Lineage Race, who has an uncommon ability of faster Mana charger. Also, it has a remarkable ability to get two snap spells. The character consists of green-colored hairs or Blonde hairs with blue eyes, and their skin is pale. It may confuse you sometimes that they are Cameo. The racial abilities are Swift Mania and Snap Excellence.

5. Kasparan

Rarity – 8.60%

Kasparan is inspired by species of dragon. They are famous for their resilience and powerful fire. In the game, Kasparan comes from a land that consists of a heavy amount of heat and very little water and famously known as Kasparia. They have skin of purple, red or green color with reptilian eyes and a pair of horns.

6. Scroom

Rarity – 7.60%

The Scroom are recognized by their fungus-like analysis and lack of bones and speech, which carry a good amount of abilities. If we compare, Scroom can be strong like Druid or compared to Botanist. It is said that they are most superior in the race and the desire to other everyone else from the Rogue Lineage Race.

7. Gaian

Rarity – 7.60%

The Gian has a robotic-inspired face, brown-colored skin, a mechanical body, and no hairs. When it gets overheated, the punches’ power will steadily increase the player that is getting punched. And a sea of dust is capable enough to trigger the following effect.

8. Navaran

Rarity – 3.80%

Navarans are nameless humanoids having black-colored empty eyes. They consist of greenish-blueish shade, white otherwise a tan color. White Navarans may consist of closed-up human eyes. As you progress in the game after reaching toward’s day’s ten, it has a capability of Ultra Emulate, which enables you to copy ultra skills.

9. Madrasian

Rarity – 2.90%

The master of deception and trickery is known as Madrasian. They have the specialty to copy a player’s appearance and hide from anybody’s vision by changing into a trinket. The formation consists of grey hairs, green eyes, and white or pale skin color. In the game, the Khei version of the following Rogue Lineage Race is Iqaran.

10. Morvid

Rarity – 1.90%

Morvinds or known as Birds are a humanoid Rogue Lineage race-inspired to have bird-like unique features. The skin color is a dark purple shade and gray if vampire. Also, they have red-colored eyes in the first configuration. After that, they are bald and have four red-colored eyes along with a beak. After eating ten Morvids, they will evolve into their second form, and they gain hair over themselves.

11. Dinakeri

Rarity – 1.90%

Dinakeri is people having black-colored skin with shiny pure white hairs. They have unique eyes that burn with interior colors of blue, white, otherwise green. It is still a theory from where they have come from, but they are the first dark creatures in the game. They were accompanied in the world by Ardor in the game.

12. Dzin

Rarity – 1%

The Dzin is a creatural-based Rogue Lineage Race, and it is famous for happening on land for having very strong and powerless in their eyes. The specialty is that they shine in various factors such as situational awareness, avoiding attacks, and holding out against mental damage. If we talk about their appearance Dzins, have dark red-colored skin, orange eyes, and brown hairs.

13. Vind

14 Rogue Lineage Races Explained With Their Rarities - Game Specifications (3)

Rarity – 1%

Vind is one of the rarest characters in the gameplay. It is a wind-based inspired humanoid Rogue Lineage Race and can possess to lend itself towards a variety of classes. It is excellent and beneficial for types that cannot receive timeless otherwise did not have it on because the tempest soul provides you the permission of Mana Shield.

14. Fischeran

Rarity – 1%

In the game, you will get the opportunity to meet with two Fischeran. One Fischeran is sea green, and the other one is in Teal. The Teal Fischerans carry cyan or teal hair. And if we talk about sea-green Fischerans, they have green-colored hairs. And if they have eyes matching their skin color. On Day 15, while you are dissolving in the game, you are immune to all damaged resources.

What Is The Rarest Race In The Rogue Lineage?

Vind is the rarest Rogue Lineage Race. The percentage of getting Vind in Rollable Races is 1%. The perks in this race are clearly superior to other races. They include Legacy of Peace, Faster Regen, Sky’s Sailors, Tempest Soul and Skybound.


Following are the FAQs regarding races in Rogue Lineage –

What is the best race for Oni rogue lineage?

Morvid or Haseldan are the best races for Oni in Rogue Lineage. With Morvid you can dodge attacks easily and with Haseldan you can do a heavy combo.

How do you change race lineage in rogue?

3 Obtainable races can be switched to at any time. But if you want to change to another race, then you need to reroll your race by 200 Robux by talking to the person in the house of purgatory.

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14 Rogue Lineage Races Explained With Their Rarities - Game Specifications (2024)


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